Omar Souleyman has released his newest track "Layle" from Shlon - his upcoming album set for release on November 22nd through Mad Decent records. The album follows To Syria, With Love (2017) - an ode to his native land, charged with pleads for reconciliation in the form of amped up Syrian wedding bangers - which also saw its release on Mad Decent. Souleyman's previous releases Wenu Wenu (2013) and Bahdeni Nami (2015) were produced by British producer Four Tet and released with Ribbon Music and Monkeytown Records, respectively. In 2015, Souleyman chipped in a blazing track, "Heli Yuweli" with The Trilogy Tapes label. The track exists in both its original guise, and as a densely electronic mashup remixed by the label's regular, Rezzett. 
Since 2013, Souleyman has been fermenting his unique electro-baladi sound from Turkey, where he moved to following the break out of the war in Syria. Over the years, the artist has toured the world, showcasing his globally-appreciated dabke dance moves at revered festivals like Glastonbury in the UK and Way Out West in Sweden. Over the last three years, Souleyman has performed in two wacky Boiler Room sessions. 
In "Layle," Souleyman's signature style of rapid techno beats mixed in with the blaring keyboard (played by Hasan Alo) and saz (plucked by Azad Salih), is accompanied by poetic lyrics co-written by Souleyman and his associate, Shawah Al Ahmad. Set to perform in various countries across Europe within the coming months, the artist's latest addition to his unique techno-baladi genre is set - once again - to be a hit.