Amidst Latin America's regionally wide-spread showcase of anti-goverment protests that sparked violence and political unrest, Buenos Aires based producer Manuel Biderman aka Maja paints a vivid image of the surrounding turmoil through his latest mix, a politically charged, high octane dance mix that equally presents itself as interpretive sonic commentary of the spiraling situation.Catalyzed by the most recent violent upsurges in Chile where protesters are demanding the resignation of current president Pinera due to increased prices and the chasmic divide of wealth, Maja feeds off these disruptive energies, exporting it into the mix through aggressive, riot-inducing dance.
Kicking off the mix is '90s industrial German outfit Atari Teenage Riot with their track 'Speed', a menacingly uptempo techno number that can singlehandedly ignite raves with its full bodied kicks, saturated bass groves and violently chopped synth lines. Conveying the hyper-speed tempo till the end of the mix, JZMIX 006 is relentless in its intent and expression of angst and chaos, where tracks like Le Bask's 'Hardchorise' border on sacrilegious break beat, blending a contorted church choir with winding beats. In between Bjork's feisty, industrial number 'Declare Independence' and Marilyn Manson's bleak 'Suicide is Painless', JZMIX 006 treads rapid, volatile dance pieces, fueled by abrupt transitions, effectively reflecting the temperamental state of the region.

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