You might’ve heard of Egyptian DJ/producer duo Issa & Assouad from a repertoire of work that has ragned from EDM, to progressive, to trap. And while their dance music endeavours haven't been met positively by all, there’s no denying that they have left their mark on the Egyptian rap scene, and will almost certainly continue in similar vein with their latest album, Family Ties, alongside rising local rapper, Pharaohgamo. 

Almost a year in the making, Family Ties succeeds in adding more layers to your average trap-laden rap album, prioritising emotion over pretence, most notably on tracks like 'Cairo' and 'Shine Interlude', while still managing to pack a serious punch on the rest of the record. Overall, the LP manages to give more substance to English rap coming out of the region, instead of just another wasted attempt at echoing a global movement. 

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