Recognised for a stunning rendition of her debut single "Morning Glory" on the unique aesthetic music platform COLORSXSTUDIOS back in August, this past week Dutch-Sudanese singer Gaidaa has released her debut video and second single "I Like Trouble." The artist's smooth and delicate vocals guide the mystically-choreographed tape, giving the whole thing an ethereal, airy feel to it, contrary to the song's rather confrontational main message. Commencing with the lyrics "I like trouble, cos some things ain't the way they seem," the track is set to be personal yet widely relatable amid the social and political turmoil stifling Sudan.Throughout the track, Gaidaa reveals that she uses trouble as a means of expression. Daringly, she sings of searching for trouble in order to find a "way out." Assertively, she proclaims that she will find it. Her motive is elaborated on across her social media accounts, namely Instagram, where she explains that change and growth can only occur from searching for trouble and experiencing the vulnerability arising from it. The last 40 seconds of "I Like Trouble" take a turn and as the tempo slows and a deep bass kicks in, the artist confesses repeatedly that sometimes she cries. However, her vulnerability must not be mistaken for reluctance. 

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