Yes, not even a global pandemic that threatens to destroy life as we know it can keep a good band down, as Jordan’s Jadal have shown with their latest release, ‘Hamm o Bala’.

With their last official release dating back to 2016 with their third album, Malyoun, the group was due to unleash new material in 2020. That, of course, has been derailed by the Coronavisrus crisis, but Mahmoud Radaideh, Bader Helalat, Hakam Abu Soud and Yazan Risheq, have taken matters into their own hands. 

Gone are the high concepts and production values seen in previous videos and in comes a full DIY, at-home, guerrilla-style approach that, rather amusingly, uses a bunch of different video filters we didn’t know still existed. The song itself is a catchy, bouncy number that the band clearly had fun with.

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