Our monthly musical fruit punch of a playlist is back and this time it features the newly released  game changing rap of BLTNM co-founder Shabjdeed, Ammar 808 and Adil Hiani's remixes of Nass El Hal's Moroccan gnawa, frantic rap bars of Alexandria native 4N The Human, industrial beats of Arabstazy's OkyDoky, poetic lyricism of Norway based Palestinian rapper Sallam Nasser, Egyptian rap and mahraganat of Marwan Pablo and Sadat produced by shape-shifter Molotof, jazz-infused instrumentals of Tunisian percussionist and composer Jihed Khmiri and more eclectic Fakhfakhina worthy tunes from The Synaptik, Shahyn, Hizz.ME, Abosahar, DJ Haram and Bader Azem.