Egyptian producer, Molotof, is back on the proverbial airwaves, with his latest work coming in collaboration with rappers, Zuksh and Young Zuka.  Molotof’s trademark mahraganat-tinted sound makes for a suitably dark backdrop to ‘3esabat’ (Gangs), with lyrics that explore self-doubt, and the overwhelming sense of independence and self-confidence needed to overcome them - a signature of Egypt's evolving mahraganat genre.

The track also highlights a range of societal shortcomings, such as poverty, crime and a lack of redemption, all of which is packed in a repetitive cycle, much like the repetition found within the lyrics, with alternating verses between Zuksh and Young Zuka. 

This marks Zuksh and Young Zuka’s third major collaboration, following last month’s ‘M7desh By5tar’ and 2019’s ‘Mesh Zambi.’ 

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