With a string of collaborations under their belt, Wegz and DJ Totti are no strangers to each other. The two have been integral parts of the growing Egyptian trap scene and with their latest track, the two aren’t messing around.

Save for the last third, which breaks down the beat for slow, shaabi-shaded outro, ‘Togar Haram’ is a straight, unapologetic bolt of  trap. While it may not hit the heights of the pair’s extensive work together in 2019 (think ‘El Zar’, ‘3la Ra7ty’ and ‘Kan Nefsy’) it’s an ominous, breakneck-speed track that has Wegz barrel through his bars as if his life depending on it. He delivers with force and aggression - quite suitable for a track that translates into something along the lines of 'traders of sin', and a welcome return for Egypt's de facto trap king, Listen below.

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