Marwan Moussa has been a busy man in recent months, with projects such as Afroto’s recent release, ‘Segara’, and a violent, filmic video for his track, ‘Nehayet El 3alam’, underneath his belt.

His new release, ‘Meen Yeshtry’, sees him team-up with fellow Egyptian rapper, ElDab3 on a beat best described as a trap with a sort-of shaabi cadence. There’s a bluntness to it, while various affected, ambient sounds swirl in the background to create a melancholic aesthetic. Its crisp, uncluttered production allows the two rappers to proverbially do their proverbial thing, the lyrics showcasing a storytelling, trail-of-thought kind-of lyricism.

Moussa hasn’t been the only one keeping himself busy during the lockdown. El Dab3 has released three singles since April, the last coming in the form of ‘Seif Sheta’.

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