Just days after releasing the first taste of his next album, Makeena, Egyptian rapper, Abyusif, has released a second track from what’s already looking like a very introspectively dark record.

Like in ‘Kol 7aga Bteb2a Gham2a’, the rapper continues to take listeners down the path of crippling negative emotions in new track ‘Kan f Dmaghy Wo7osh’ – literally translating to ‘there used to be monsters in my head – where he ponders the concept of his inner voices tearing him down, but making the intentional decision to rise above them. The track – which explores the unrelentless pressure on artist’s to succeed – boasts a melodic auto-tuned, vocals against a marching, dance-like beat, diverting from what you would expect from a traditional hip-hop track, which makes for quite a natural accompaniment to its broody themes. A release date for the album has yet to be confirmed.

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