BLUFRANK just released an EP Supernature as the debut release of SLOVVDK (read: slow decay), a brand new independent record label and audiovisual platform founded by Egyptian garage rock band, Dirty Backseat and Ragy himself. Their aim is not only to release music, but also to get the maximum out of the artists and their music – meaning that they’ll help them in the creative process when it comes to the music itself, along with the post production process that encompasses the sonic aspect, such as mixing and mastering, as well as the visual side. The label has also signed a distribution deal with Hizz, one of Egypt's trendsetting collectives. 

Supernature is a two-track EP that reimagines classic hits, filtered through BLUFRANK’s signature sound — a mix of powerful psychedelic and electronic. The first one, which also carries the EP’s name “Supernature” is a remix for the disco classic by Carrone. In his remix, BLUFRANK borrowed the original stabs and bass riff, slowed down the track and gave it a touch of psychedelia that takes it towards the synth pop realm, while preserving the magical feeling the original song carries. The track is accompanied by a music video to match; a rendition of the original, made by Noha Amin.

His second track is a reinterpretation of Kylie Minogue’s cheesy millennial hit, "Can't Get You Out Of My Mind," transformed into a cinematic avant-garde synth pop piece. BLUFRANK’s sound is friendly to the ear, and would equally fit into the high-brow underground scene as much as into pop culture.

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Follow BLUFRANK on Facebook and Soundcloud