Despite his slow emergence into Dubai’s electronic music scene, hoolz played an important role, with steady appearances into some of the city’s biggest nights in the last few years, sharing the stage with the biggest exports the city has seen, such as Bob Moses, Raxon and Dirty Doering to name a few. Other than his DJ skills and crowd-reading ability, hoolz is known to be locked in his cave cooking loops, but not releasing any. Fortunately, a week ago, on October 7, he released his debut three-track EP onNon, on Serbian record label brosh.

The prelude of this interconnected dancefloor friendly journey, ‘Dub To Me Girl’ is an emotional track with an air of mystic Aladdin music. Second on the EP is ‘onNon,’ a track following a more minimal approach, that also has this Saharan vibes, but on a clubbier end of the spectrum. Finally is the dreamier of them all ‘Endorphin.’ We can't wait to listen to what else he has in store.

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