2018 marked the year of Deena Abdelwahed’s groundbreaking debut album Khonnar. The dark and introspective piece of art was quickly recognized by the international critics and even made its way into end of the year lists by music portals like Resident Advisor, The Quietus or Vinyl Factory. Now in 2019, the producer returns with an EP of three diverse remixes of her track “Tawa” as well as one remix of “Ken Skett”. 

The originals were previously included on her first album that was published by the French label InFiné.

"Tawa" in Tunisian dialect means “Now”, and displays Abdewahed’s signature North-African and Middle-Eastern inspired sounds paired with her passion for experimental beats. The original is followed by an interpretation of Berlin based introvert M.E.S.H aka James Whipple who, according to InFiné, is “already known for his deconstructions of club tropes, to add his propulsive, frenetic avant-garde bass music-inspired beats”.

Next is a version of “Ken Skett” by the British producer Karen Gwyer. The original is remembered as a disturbing track that sounds like the hum of a swarm insects. The remix by Gwyer definitely keeps the spooky vibe while adding a more techno-ish vibe. Following is another edit of “Tawa”; this time by French newcomer Basile3 who takes the opportunity to add more organic sounds to the track. Last but not least Spanish producer Edu Tarradas aka Clip provides us with a perfect closing of the EP - an uplifting interpretation that explores the sunny side of Abdelwahed’s music.

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