SLOVVDK (read: slow decay) is a newborn independent record label and audiovisual platform founded by Egyptian garage rock band Dirty Backseat and psychedelic electronic act, BLUFRANK.

Following up their debut release of BLUFRANK's doublesingle Supernature, SLOVVDK has just dropped an A/B (double single) by Dirty Backseat, accompanied by a video for the B-side. 
Dirty Backseat is husband and wife duo, Noha Amin and Moe Hani aka Psycho. Compared to their last releases, Mind Trap + Mind Games shows the group moving away from the garage rock of GooBad, towards a more '80s-esque synth-punk aesthetic: vintage synths over minimal Joy Division-like beats and echo laden vocals call to mind retro-future new wave. 
The video for "Mind Games", directed by Noha Amin, is a kaleidoscopic portrait of sexuality. Content-wise, there isn't much to be deduced from the lyrics, which consist simply of "time, fun, mind games." Set over a palate of blue, pink, purple and black, there is much more to be taken from the imagery -  a close-up of sperm, a shirtless man, a couple making love, a girl dancing - there is even a full sequence of two swimming semen battling their way to an egg. If there was any doubt about the video's angle, the track ends with the warped audio of the sex-cries of a woman, and more cryptically, the diagram of a tear gland. 

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