SLOVVDK, a new independent record label from Cairo, has been hard at work since their recent inception, with a steady stream of releases. Just last week, they released a double single by Dirty Backseat. 
This weekend, they premiered a single by BLUFRANK + Lav, their second BLUFRANK release since the label's birth. "Time, Money" draws on elements of synthpop and psych-funk, with several distinct parts to the song. Bizarre speech synthesized vocals relay even weirder lyrics in semi-broken English about the pains of late pay and exploitation, with some waffle and alien imagery sprinkled in. It is accompanied by an alluring video directed by Noha Amin, featuring retro footage of Cairo: traffic, child labor, a woman eating corn, a belly dancer, and her obviously excited shisha-sipping audience. 

Artwork by Castell Lanko.

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