With a knack for retro eclecticism and jumbled rehashed sounds of the past, Egyptian producer BLUFRANK is back with his latest double single - These Red Eyes + Late Night Organ Donor. The two complimentary tracks feed into each other's menace and psych-induced haze, where 'These Red Eyes' is a song about paranoia, and the feeling of constant surveillance, where an altered Ragy (BLUFRANK) mumbles "These red eyes are staring at me" repeatedly as the song's clock driven beats circulate back and forth, accompanied by an unwavering retro synth, affirming the song's notion. 
'Late Night Organ Donor' segways smoothly from the opening track, like a silhouette slowly appearing amidst thick smog. The second features Ragy free-styling and playing around with melodies using a simplistic electric retro organ sound that's reminiscent of vintage movies, where according to the producer, the song alludes to "a sense of eroticism and sexual desire".

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