The Ramallah-based collective and independent record label, BLTNM, has released a debut EP by Jordanian electronic producer DJAMEED, titled ZI7 (or, "ZIH"). Fronted by eclectic producer Al Nather, rapper Shabjdeed, and creative director Shab Mouri, BLTNM has built itself up to become one of the most acknowledged hip hop outposts in the region, while taking a particular shine on left field electronic music.DJAMEED's debut six-track EP is the latest addition to the imprint's extensive assortment of nifty, yet playful, releases. Exclusively made up of Arabic samples partnered with the perfect beat density and soulful groove, ZI7 amounts to a distinctive adaptation of the triphop category stemming from the UK, differentiated by the Arabic speech featured in the album's inaugurating track, "ZI7."

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