Hot on the heels of unleashing her debut LP, My Enemy, My Love, in January, Samar Rad, aka Iranian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Mentrix, has hit the road and headed for scenic Kavir-e-Lut desert in eastern Iran for the video for the album’s second single, ‘Nature’.

Every bit as atmospheric and spiritual as the Sufi-inspired track, the video sees the Berlin-based artist use the mountainous landscape as her stage, as seemingly unconstructed, instinctive body movements make for a choreography that sees the artist act as some sort-of crazed conductor, controlling elements that mere mortals cannot see.

Other standout scenes see Rad lead a harem of women, clad in traditional Middle Eastern garb, standing and a walking in formation across a dry, and later on, dancing what might be most accurately compared to a rain dance. “Dancing for the body is like rain is for the desert,” reads the video’s description. “It might survive without it but it longs for it always; it is nature.”

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