Belfast-based singer, rapper, MC, DJ, GXRL CODE crew member and all round bad ass Dena Anuk$a has dropped her latest video single, 'Shine' a neo-soul anthem of self love and female solidarity, where Dena preaches the message "When I shine, you shine. " in sultry harmonious vocals over insatiably smooth muted instrumentation produced by Sagii. Directed by Dena's flatmate and home-girl Katie Martinez , the video features the rapper performing the song in effortless sass as occasional choreographed appearances by her fellow girl crew, who are symbolically dressed in an all white masked ensemble, show up in various locations in Belfast. " The lyrics are all about being true to yourself and being happy for other people making moves." Dena told us, highlighting the simple, yet effective message of 'Shine'. 
"Started from the bottom to the highest heights." Dena raps, celebrating her domain as one of Northern Ireland's rising rap and neo-soul acts, consistently dropping releases and videos, the last being 'SUPERTIGHTS', garnering attention for her lush neo-soul blend. "I have an EP coming out called honey$ and cream in a month. Can't wait to put it out! " the 24-year old rapper told us.  "It’s finally the sound that I truly feel is me. " Dena added, re-affirming that it's truly her time to shine. 

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