Just ahead of their massive Boiler Room (hyperlink) debut during Ballroom Blitz’s fundraising event this week, Zyad Mardini and Eli Atala, aka Beirut-based production/DJing duo, Peach Puff Bass Unit, released their debut single ‘x99a’. Both respected artists within Beirut’s electronic scene, Mardini and Atallah’s collaborative works combine the best traits of both producers, with a keen ear towards genre-defying groove. 

Arriving as the duo’s first production since their remix of Zyad & Gaya’s breakbeats-laden rework of 90s R&B on ’Ciara’, ‘x99a’ shifts direction with a nod towards the recent percussion and bass-heavy wave sweeping contemporary dance music. Amidst a sea of surging bass synthesisers, classic rave-inspired vocal chops and clashing breakbeats, ‘x99a’ encapsulates the frantic pace of PPBU’s high-energy sets, serving as as the perfect dancefloor weapon for DJs unafraid of pushing things just a little bit harder.

For further listening check out Peach Puff Bass Unit’s explosive set for Ballroom Blitz, released early this November.

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