Up-and-coming Egyptian rapper Z!EN releases his debut album titled ‘SYSTEM’ through Beatroot Records, presenting a nine-track collection featuring Ziad Zaza with exclusive beats by Le Zuz. The album introduces Z!EN across a variety of sounds and production styles, ranging from rage to EDM, Afrobeats, and experimental hip-hop. The production is a standout feature, with beats that are hard-hitting, unorthodox, and refreshingly innovative.

However, Z!EN’s performance comes across as one-dimensional on most tracks, with the rapper’s delivery maintaining a consistent attitude despite the varying beats. The mini-album marks Z!EN’s entry into the music scene, following his introduction on Ziad Zaza’s last EP.

While the rapper's focus seems to waver at times on the record, the album showcases his promising potential with notable performances on the post-shaabi cut ‘3 TALAQAT’, ‘VUM VUM’ and ‘CITY.’ Additionally, it highlights Le Zuz as a producer to watch in the Egyptian hip-hop landscape, suggesting a bright future for both artists as they continue to evolve and refine their craft.