Youssef Kekhia is a Berlin-based Syrian singer-songwriter who’s most known for almost effortlessly fusing rich Arab lyrics with contemporary melodies. His latest release, ‘Daw Zalam’ is a return to Kekhia’s songwriting roots. The music ebbs and flows harmoniously with deeply personal and introspective lyrics, resulting in a heartfelt ballad uncharacteristic of the region’s underground music scene.

‘Daw Zalam’ is a track for the early morning hours while lying in bed just as the sun breaks through the night's darkness. It's the kind of track that lets you indulge in a moment of blessed silence from the outside world, prompting a deep dive into your thoughts and feelings. Kekhia’s low-timbered voice and ambient instrumentation drag you into the lyrics, your consciousness slowly slipping into his own until it feels like partaking in a conversation with a friend.

The song explores the dichotomy of darkness and light, an abstract reflection on life’s polarities - banality and intellectuality, monotony and excitement, light and darkness, life and death - through the lens of an individual going through the motions, sometimes fighting (and other times succumbing) to depression.

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