Palestine’s Maysaa Daw and Jebus are the latest artists to step into the spotlight for ‘Bala Jumhour’, a live performance series by media network, Live Jerusalem, which films artist performances in various locations. The twosome vibe in a 20-minute set that showcases the depth and breadth of Maysa’s incredible talent and magnetism.

Maysa and Jebus performs ‘Bastana’, ‘Qomi’ (beat by Djmail), ‘Hura Bi Hali’ (composed and written by Rimon Haddad), ‘Ta'al’ and ‘Barik’ in a backyard with what looks like an autumn surrounding and even a dog that adds to the missing ‘woofer” elements in the performance. Launched earlier this year, the series has welcomed a whole variety of Palestinian artists, including Bashat Murad, Lina Makoul, JayJay and Constancy.