Georgian singer-songwriter and producer Tamada has released his latest album, '9 Deadly Sins for Tamada', under the Palestinian/Jordanian label Alt Orient. Following his acclaimed debut, 'Dionysus VS Tamada', this sophomore effort is a fusion of Georgian folk influences with contemporary production.

Tamada, known for his introspective songwriting, delves into human complexities and moral dilemmas across nine tracks. Serving as both artist and producer, Tamada adopts a storytelling approach through both the lyrics and the music. Each track stands out on its own with a different perspective, yet the album comes together as a whole, sequenced in a transitioning way with each record fading into the next. Tamada reflects on themes of sin, redemption and the human experience.

With its release on Alt Orient, '9 Deadly Sins for Tamada' represents a significant milestone in Tamada's musical journey. The album showcases his ability to fuse cultural heritage with modern soundscapes. Tamada's work stands out in the contemporary music scene for its deep lyrical content, intricate production, and thought-provoking themes.