Rising Egyptian duo Husa & Zeyada have released ‘Trick of the Mind’, the third single ahead of their upcoming album with Canadian Label IAmHer Muzik Records, along with their usual practice of providing an accompanying two remixes.

After the impressive reception to ‘Long Way Home’ and ‘A Little Fun’, in which the tracks received plenty of airtime from DJs internationally, ‘Trick of the Mind’ is marked by Husa & Zeyada’s signature of a neo-psychedelia filled with emotion and a sense of serenity, with the warm synth and light percussion of the track, a staple of their sound, invoking imagery of a tranquil beach at the crack of dawn.

All to be expected, of course, given the duo resides in South Sinai’s bohemian lands of Dahab.Meanwhile, Hamburg-based Oliver Schories delivers the first remix, offering a deep house take that makes use of thumper kicks and adds a synth melody of his own while speeding up the track to make it more fitting for dancefloors.

The second remix, courtesy of Istanbul-based DJ and producer Erdi Irmak, offers a more melodic composition, making use of his own distinct sounds rather than relying on the original track’s. It results in a more divergent sound featuring vocal chops and changes in the synths and groove.