For this edition of our Shreet Cocktail playlist, the SceneNoise team has handpicked standout tracks from across the MENA region that have been released between May 1st and the 15th. We've got exciting releases from established artists like Bu Kolthoum and Amir Eid, alongside rising stars like Mishaal Tamer.

Cairokee's frontman, Amir Eid, goes solo with his soulful single ‘Bahlam’. This acoustic-driven track showcases Eid's signature vocals and songwriting, exploring themes of dreams, hope and tranquility.

Next up is Saudi Arabia's rising star, Mishaal Tamer. He continues his ascent with a post-punk tune, in which sweet synth lines and driving drum patterns complement his emotional vocals.

Rounding out the playlist is producer Shah. He offers the first taste of his upcoming concept album, ‘Rehlet El Gammal’, featuring collaborations with diverse Egyptian artists. The lead single, a collaboration with Antar, fuses electronic and Bedouin influences for a club-ready banger.

TRACKLIST:  Mishaal Tamer - KEEP IT UP Zeina Makki - Abel Ma Trouh BiGSaM - December Bu Kolthoum - Lemat Amir Eid - Bahlam Saint Levant - Galbi Shah X Antar - Nashama Alias - M2aryef Dana Hourani, Anas & Nordo - Ana LAÏ - Sekkin Nadine ElDeib - Two Stones Ishtirak - Master Wasentha