This week’s list includes a wide spectrum of musical selections including the indie pop track ‘Kasif’ by Turkish artist Eve Dönüş Yok, followed by Tunisian producer and composer Ghoula’s ‘Zinek’, alongside more upbeat tracks like Noise Diva’s wicked Ruby remix, and a banger by DJ Totti with ‘Khartoosh’.


UMI - Darb Eltbana

Omizs - A TWA 2 SHINE

Noise Diva x Krampfhaft - Ruby Edit

DJ Totti - Khartoush

Ghita Lahmamssi - WILI WILI

Ghoula - Zinek

Aly Absalam - bad on text (feat. KATARYA)

El Sawareekh - Al Shaytan

Gadou - The Quiet of Rain

Eve Dönüş Yok -Kaşif

Ahl Nana - Zeinab Moussa

Qeetoo - 66

Rhita Nattah - On My Own

Mazyn - Halawes

Kofs - Tony Montana ft. ElGrandeToto

Bxdaro X Szaba - CASAMIGOS

Gharam Electric - Badawi

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