SceneNoise are thrilled to premiere the music video for the latest release of Copenhagen based singer, songwriter and producer Melodi Ghazal, which we sat down with for a feature interview about a month ago.

On her latest single ‘Motivational Quote’, Ghazal addresses the feeling of hope and the longing for one day to belong. The arrangement is simple and deliberately fragile, making room for Melodi's voice and emphasizing the general theme of longing.

The song commences by sampling the Iranian artist Googoosh, which is taken from a documentary depicting the significance of Googoosh among the Iranian diaspora. The storyline of the video is based on references to the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid 2”. In the film, Melody, who is Ariel’s daughter, is caught on land and has a strong longing towards the sea, where she instinctively feels like belonging.

The music video for ‘Motivational Quote’ is created in collaboration with Jonas Rahmanzadeh and his production company Termo Film. As a reflection of the song’s theme of lack of belonging, Ghazal is portrayed as a creature coming from the sea, meeting a new environment and its civilization, after which she once again withdraws to the sea.