Saied Silbak was born in the city Shafaa´mr in the occupied area of lower Galilee in Palestine. He was trained in classical music since childhood and has, throughout his career, performed all over the globe including concerts in the UK, France, Morocco and Argentine. Though the artist has a catalogue of releases, ‘Marrat’ marks his first release of a self-arranged, self-composed song, also written and performed by the multi-faceted composer.

The song starts out instrumentally cut down, with only a down tempo piano, building up over time with a sine type synth, low bass, flutes and percussion. The composition follows the voice of Saied Silbak and narrates how the love he feels changes over time, bit by bit alongside the instrumentalisation. At the  final crescendo, as the composition reaches a climax, one feels that his love is a lost hope. “But I have never betrayed the promise. I never let it become part of the past. My heart fell in love and I never wished for it to forget and become even more lost”

‘Marrat’ comes with a well produced music video. In the video Silbak is seen playing the piano and doing a play of kinds at a theatre with his love. As the composition grows in chaos, the video follows suit with fast forward sequences, ending with Silbak desperately searching for a letter from his love.

Watch the video below.