With Bxdaro based in Canada and Szaba in Ohio, the Palestinian artists join forces to drop the single ‘Casamigos’, transcending genre and space as they pull from various global music influences. This marks the second release by the duo, who collaborated on the Afro-Arab track ‘Ahlami’ in December 2022.

In ‘Casamigos’, the duo continues to push the boundaries of their sound by infusing Latin-inspired sonics with Afro-Arab beats layered by lyrics sung in Arabic, English, and Spanish. The record eclectically blends the three diverse cultural influences with a familiar Reggaeton drum baseline, an expressive Latin guitar, and vibrant Arab melodies making the trilingual lyricism dance.

The track evokes nostalgic memories of a Gen-Z summer-type romance — fun, no strings attached, yet intensely passionate and real stating “lovers and friends what a deadly combination.” Bxdaro begins the single with entrancing  vocals contrasted yet simultaneously complemented by Szaba’s smooth rap delivery, making you want to get up and move to the beat.

In an interview with SceneNoise, Palestinian-Jordanian artist, Szaba said that he hopes “to make Arab men feel more confident in themselves and see themselves as the main character,” by creating music in his favorite genres rap, Afrobeats, and Reggaeton.

Meanwhile, Dubai-raised Bxdaro, dubs this genre “new Arabia” uniquely blending nostalgic MENA sounds with dark Arabic Afrobeats, hoping to “redefine MENA through music” while representing and expressing his third culture Arab identity in a novel manner.