Ahead of her upcoming EP, ‘Eleven Achers’, scheduled for release on March 11th, Canadian-Palestinian artist Nemahsis releases ’I wanna be your right hand’, where the singer-songwriter playfully explores an acoustic guitar-centric, 90’s production style.

Using expansive and melancholic chord movements and a full-band arrangement to make ‘I wanna be your right hand’ not only a catchy upbeat tune, but also one that is hard-hitting and cathartic in moments where Nemahsis showcases her powerful voice.

Previously, the singer’s work has seen her experimenting with live instrumentation and a singer-songwriter sonic style. But with this release, Nemahsis doubles down on a catchy production style that is evocative of 90's Brit-pop, reimagined with a contemporary twist.

The track starts with a simple drum groove embellished with subtle syncopation brought on by the faint, modern-sounding percussion elements as producers Danny Casio & Pablo Bowman take a stab at modernising this tried-and-true production style.

Acoustic guitar chords fill the track with energy as they strum a nostalgic chord progression that continues to evolve over the different sections. Nemahsis’ emotive vocal performance is also a key highlight on this track, as the singer’s catchy melodies grow louder and more expressive as the track goes on, displaying her impressive dynamic range.

The track’s music video, co-directed by Norman Wong and Amy Gardner, takes us through a catastrophic kitchen, where the stressful environment is used to provoke an underlying sense of anxiety in the video. Here, Nemahsis is zooming back-and-forth through the kitchen in a performance that is half acting and half interpretive dance. This leads up to the final section of the video, where the singer is seen alone in the restaurant’s dining room, performing her expressive dance moves with no one there to watch.

Check out the full video for Nemahsis’s ‘I wanna be your right hand’ here: