In an out of left-field collaboration, Egyptian superstar Mohamed Ramadan teams up with Algerian rapper Didine Canon 16 in their latest track’ Nassaba’, released under Saudi Arabian media giants Rotana Music.

Starting things off with his gravely voice and deep vocal register, Didine Canon 16 comes in with a commanding performance over the danceable beat. Soon after, Mohamed Ramadan delivers a gently sung melodic verse to contrast the rapper’s low-key energy.

As the track progresses, we are met with the duo delivering a chant-like performance in the chorus, adding an electric energy to the track which is bound to get you off your feet.

The instrumental, arranged by Fifo Prod, nimbly switches between genres, starting out with a mix of afrobeats and dance music and then momentarily transforming into a trap-inspired instrumental. We are also met with an Arabic darboukra occasionally peaking out from behind the atmospheric beat, adding flavor to the colorful track.

In the music video, director Anis Young takes an opulent approach, as the video goes all out in spectacular fashion to showcase the collaborators’ larger-than-life performances amplified by guns, gold, and swagger.

Watch the full music video for ‘Nassaba’ here: