Iranian artist, Samar Rad, better known as Mentrix, knows no boundaries when it comes to her artistic and musical endeavours. Having released her debut album, My Enemy, My Lover, last year, the talented Berlin-based music-maker is back with a new latest single. ‘99 Names of God’.

The self labelled SheCore-post-immigrant-tribal-pop artist has frequently found inspiration in Islam when crafting her music and this time she takes cues from a chant traditionally sung by men, and has offered up the track with a unique take on it.“My version is here to honour the very essence of Islam, an invitation for every individual, beyond gender and social constructs, to cognise the divine within” says Mentrix about the track, which features multi-instrumentalist and composer, Tomer Moked Blum, on strings and DJ/producer and founder of Deep House Tehran, Nesa Azadikhah, on the tombak.

Produced by is accompanied by a fitting music video made in collaboration with director, Tobias Gremmler.  In contrast to her previous music videos, Mentrix looks more to VFX and 3D modelling for this one as she captures the spiritual overtones of the track quite spectacularly.