There’s an argument to be made that there are few hotter properties operating on Egypt’s rap scene than MOUSV and Issa&Assouad. The former won plenty of fans for his 2021 album El Sahaba, with particular praise rightly going to the outstanding production, courtesy of Mohaimen - which has subsequently put a modicum of pressure on any other producers working with the rapper.

Issa&Assouad more than come through in ‘A$AP’ giving MOUSV a drill beat to do his thing on. With a big-room reverb on the pads acting as the bedding of the beat, the hefty 808 slides take control of the entire instrumental as it typically does, with a glitched-out hi-hat pattern that has become signature of the drill sound.

Unlike the often heavily auto-tuned and distorted vocals seen in El Sahaba, MOUSV is as clear as he’s ever sounded in his delivery in an overall crisp, uncomplicated track.