Blu Fiefer has never been an easy one to pin down. The Lebanese-Mexican artist plays with genre like puttie and one listen through her back catalogue will prove as such. Most recently, we’ve seen her collaborate with Egyptian rapper, Eldab3; now compare that track, ‘NASDAQ’, to say, Fiefer's politically-charged anthem, ‘Sint El Ew', from November, 2020, and that sense of unbound versatility will hit you square in the face.

For herself-produced latest project, ‘Sharaf’, the singer has recruited the talents of Palestinian rapper, Mehrak, in a track that certainly lives up to the its title of ‘honour’. Released on independent Lebanese label, Mafi Budget, the track finds a kindred spirit in the aforementioned ‘Sint El Ew’ in both its tangible and intangible sonic elements; you can talk about the rasping tabla present in both, for example, but it’s the abstract, the elusive that ties them together. As the first taste of her long-awaited debut album, there’s something sweepingly anthemic about it - lines like ‘Our family is fierce, hasta la muerte (to the death) habibi’ are oh-so singable, while Mehrak puts up his own demonstrative, combative front across two verses.The video, directed by Blu Fiefer and Wassim Haddad is a cinematic mishmash of the artists framed as both free and restrained in various locales - from a prison cell to a rooftop overlooking Beirut, from the confines of the bedroom to the release of the street.

There’s not really much else to say apart from… bring on the album.