Amman-based DJ and producer Yazan Zyadat, aka Toumba, has recently announced the dates for his debut India tour this summer. Encompassing four shows, the tour will kick off in New Delhi on May 17th and then make a quick stop in Bengaluru on May 18th, before culminating with a show in Mumbai on May 24th, and another in Goa on May 25th. Toumba is known for his distinctive style of club music, which incorporates the rhythms, microtonal scales and timbres found in music across the Middle East, with rattling breakbeats and wobbling dubstep basslines from UK dance music. He takes what seems familiar and twists it by throwing in complex rhythms and melodies, which he pulls out from his cultural heritage. Over the past three years, Tomba released three EPs for London-based labels All Centre, Hypnic Jerks and Hessle Audio, put out a smattering of self-released tracks and various edits, and performed DJ sets across Europe.