When Liverpool-based Iranian rapper Tardast burst onto the scene, his sound wasn’t exactly recognized in the region, opting for a grime sonic persona, which gave him his own edge and unique sound. Labeled as ‘Farsi Grime’ which is a personalized futuristic take on the grime genre and giving it a recognizable identity. For his latest release, the rapper takes a step back from futurism and offers a classic grime narrative in ‘Fowri Fowti’.

The rapper is known for his harsh topics and sometimes opting for a gore subject matter; his latest single ‘Fowri Fowti’ roughly translates to ‘immediate death’, a small hint at the rapper’s lyrical direction. Glasgow-based Iranian producer FR brilliantly brings out that original grime essence but with additive percussion over the signature rhythm. The downward sliding bass is boosted with distortion to create a nasal tail over the dulcet pads, creating a smooth balance between soft and harsh elements throughout the track.