Hady Moamer follows his latest single, ‘Berka,’ with another track titled "LUX FREESTYLE," challenging the scene and sending subliminal messages to his contemporaries. Over a self-produced, West Coast-inspired beat, Hady delivers bars relentlessly, sampling legendary underground rapper Ali Talibab and electronic producer Dijit.

Hady crafts an instrumental featuring a looped, washed trumpet sample balanced by an accelerated drum pattern. He rides the beat smoothly, with a punchy and charismatic delivery that compensates for occasional lyrical shortcomings. His energetic performance addresses the current state of Egyptian hip-hop. Subtle shots and directly calling out to El Joker showcase his competitive spirit and prove his status as a true rap aficionado.

The track comes with an abstract music video featuring Hady in a black-and-white setting alongside Egyptian national basketball team player Ziad Ayman. The minimalist visualizer is directed by rising music video director Broke Gyptian Director.