A 17-year old Aswani rapper, Gee-Da-Pharaoh, is charming listeners with a witty flow and a playful character on camera. Having been rapping for a couple of years and building a following, Gee-Da-Pharaoh finds influence from the likes of Hopsin and NF, and the inspiration is evident in his videos.

Boldly stepping away from any glossy, overly-professional style, the young rapper’s humorous video for ‘Shake It’ makes for a refreshing watch as he dances haphazardly and throws in distorted Gen Z memes.The lyrics are simple and hit nicely, short but potent, and are laid out with a distinct flow over a bass-heavy hip hop beat.

Is it too early to dream of the potential of a next generation of Egyptian rappers? No, because they're already starting to to appear.