There aren’t many bands in the region quite like Galaxy Juice. In fact, there is no one like the psychedelic Kuwaiti group. On SceneNoise, they’ve been likened to the likes of Animal Collective, a comparison speaks volumes of their unique sound. 

Released in August, their latest album, And the Forty Thieves, is arguably their most important in that, firstly, it’s their first Arabic album. Secondly, it’s a very Arabic album, one that fuses a desert Arabian sound with bouncy, languid electro indie pop and dotted with barbershop-inspired harmonies.

It’s a marvellous LP that is authentically Arabian, a unique and important piece of work for the band and it now has its first official video. ‘Sahran (Rave Arabia) bares all the hallmarks of their musical identity and the video also very much reflects the soaring psychedelia of the song and the album as a whole. There’s not much to it - or there is a lot to it ,depending on which side of the fence you sit. A combination of trippy visuals - some seemingly random, others familiar - and footage of the band are meshed into a kaleidoscopic three-minute ride into a nebulous audiovisual piece, a fitting summation of an utterly inimitable band.