Beginning her rapping journey at the tender age of 16, Egyptian rapper, Taffy, has come a long way since she first emerged via SoundCloud and YouTube - and she’s endured a lot, too. Returning with a new sound and new edge, her latest single, ‘Amara’, sees her stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fan favourite, Abyusif. We all knew that Taffy had plenty of hard-hitting English flow and delivery in her locker, but she has surprised most with the fact that she can do it just as well in Arabic too.
A debut Arabic single featuring and produced by Abyusif is a pretty big milestone and she uses this mightiest of opportunities to showcase what many had doubted about her. After receiving negative feedback for not rapping in Arabic or being told to ‘stay in the kitchen’, the rapper addresses the insane amount of hate she has received - even mentioning taking off the chef’s hat as a fuck you to her sexist haters. Combining Eastern and Western influences, groovy guitar licks and 808 slides are fused with organ-sounding chords combined with Eastern tabla and sagat, to form this fitting beat to accompany both of their rapping styles and introduce a new Taffy.

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