In May of 2020, Egyptian rapper, Kalosha, quietly released a first single, Halafet, which played into the shaabi-rap fusion that continues to define much of the country’s rap scene. This year, follow-up single, June’s ‘Legend’ followed suit, but July release, ‘3awa’, marked something of change for the rapper. Gone were the marching shaabi beats of the previous releases, with the track landing of a more traditional trap sound, while another July release, ‘OG’, saw him play with drill.

It’s his latest, best and most polished release, however, that has seen Kalosha begin to find a unique sound. While ‘Volcano’ - produced by Kray - still bears the hallmarks of trap, it’s coloured in the kind of emo-rap styling that has found popularity in Egypt via the likes of MOUSV Sam.

The comparison does the up-and-comer no disservice. In fact, one might be bold enough to say that the two might be on the cusp of ushering in a new mode of rap - and Egypt, while far from breaking point, could do with a fresh breeze of air. As for Kalosha himself, his delivery is crisp, his flow sizzles with an aggressiveness - not too dissimilar to the rumble of a volcano before eruption. Will this track and video break the internet? Probably not. It does, however, offer a great window into an artist that’s worth keeping both eyes on.