After releasing a string of singles 2020, as well as collaborations with the likes Abo El Anwar and Karim Enzo, Egyptian rapper, Budgy, has released his long awaited debut EP Esbat Shakhsy, an album dedicated to showcasing his talent, as he makes his way through an increasingly comeptitive rap scene in Egypt.

The album goes hard the minute it begins, running across three tracks that’s a total of eight minutes, the album is a fun, hard-hitting listen with excellent production from duo Issa & Assouad.

‘Fel Dalma’ kicks off the EP, with a smooth guitar melody, fluctuating hi-hats and a boomy 808 to accompany Budgy’s impressive flow and delivery, pretty. Then comes in the mellower but altogether bouncier ‘7awagez’, which has an impossibly  catchy chorus.

The EP concludes on a decidedly Egyptian note with ‘3azab Ekhteyar’, another dulcet guitar tune, but this time with a tabla and sagat instead, giving it a shaabi flair.

While brief, the EP is arguably Budgy’s most solid and indicative work. Releasing singles unattached from a bigger vision or project is easy, but Esbat Shakhsy gives us some indication of his mettle and his ability to deliver when backed by good production. It’ll be interesting to see him hold his own on an LP - something that will surely come sooner rather than later as he continues to climb the ladder.

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Photography by: @fotometro__