Effortlessly blending influences and genres together, Montreal-based Egyptian artist Terouz offers a fresh sound that draws from classic rock, synth-pop, indie rock and post-punk. His signature silky vocals and atmospheric sonic style make for a vivid musical journey when combined with his guitar-centric pushing forward the artist's imaginative soundscapes with in latest release, ‘Tiger Girl’.

Along with co-producer Gabriel Ethier, Terouz carefully crafts his music while looking to sounds from the 80’s and 90’s, reimagining these styles through the lens of contemporary production. As a result, his music provides an intoxicating experience that draws listeners into narratives of his layered and cinematic songwriting.

His latest release ’Tiger Girl’ speaks about the difficulty of a relationship growing apart and finally letting go of an intimate connection. Terouz questions what it means to really know a person, focusing on specific details and memories that the artist keeps close to his heart while his conflicted emotions resurface in the face of these memories.

Terouz and co-producer Gabriel Ethier waste no time in ‘Tiger Girl’, starting the track off with an upbeat drum performance that takes it into bedroom-pop territory. Along with a groovy bassline and Terouz’s graceful vocal delivery, the first section of the track builds up to a guitar-driven chorus that features multiple layers interplaying between different guitar performances. The track’s bittersweet melody and lyrical themes of infatuation embed a deep sentimentality to the music, where we see Terouz’s one-of-a-kind vocal style taking the spotlight for this release.

Listen to Terouz’s ’Tiger Girl’ here: