In a sea of rappers, artists of other genres are often swept up in the waves – some, however, manage to come up for air and float amongst the saturated salt-waters. One choice artist looking determined to make sweeping strokes in the world of alternative music and rock is new Egyptian artist Pink Seasalt.

The young talent studied Music Production and Performance at the London College of Creative Media, specializing in guitar. In his debut single ‘Out of Luck’, Pink Seasalt offers a neo-psychedelic vibe with the use of a heavily chorused and reverberated guitar and an abundance of FXs to spice up the mix. This is accompanied by a drum-pattern that draws some influence from RnB. Lyrically, the track sees Pink Seasalt speaking on existentialist sentiments, expressing confusion of his thoughts and trying to make sense of the changes occurring in his life.

If this is Pink Seasalt’s first track, we certainly look forward to what he has to offer next. Listen to the track below.