It’s made all the more impressive by the fact that 200Shams has come to be known for his boundless diversity and no-holds-barred experimentation - there is no rule book and few references for the kind of music he has been making.

While more artists are producing their own work these days, we still live in a world where singers need producers, and producers need sound engineers. Egypt’s 200Shams is a rare commodity, however. A singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer, the Cairo-based artist only needs his equipment to produce work from A-to-Z.

In his latest track, ‘Ana Raken Taht El-Beit’, he takes a breakbeat drum pattern, fusing it with a number of different retro sounds and a funky bass riff. He also uses heavy-effects on his vocal to create a kind of psychedelic euphoria, which serves to create a distinct track that is far cry from from his previous work.