When it comes to the rap scene in the Middle East and Arab diaspora, the sheer amount of releases on a weekly basis means that it's nigh on impossible to whittle them down to 10. Alas, SceneNoise has taken this most burdening of responsibilities on its shoulders and a week of inter-office arguments, two impassioned speeches and one impromptu rap battle between two Noise writers who don't rap have gone into finalising this week's selection. Enjoy.

KASO ft. Ala & El Castro - Rish
Lil Baba X Desso X Abyusif X Abo El Anwar - Mi Vida
Ahmed Santa x Alfy - El Nemr El Eswed
The Synaptik - Moseqa Al Qamar

Perrie X Lil Baba - Perrie Taniya

Al9ine X KA7LA X Kwifya X Big Hass Ft. DJ Lethal Skillz - Jisr

Dareen x Rashed – Jalapeno
ABUL3EES & rknddn - NA7LEH
Budgy - One Hit Wonder (London Freestyle)
Beshlawy - Bara El Magara