Beirut-based indie-folk band ‘Sandmoon’, known for their eclectic sonic fusion of Middle Eastern music with Western indie rock, has released their new single ‘Where Do We Go from Here’ from their forthcoming album. 

The track starts with a bass riff that is huddled over by subdued percussion evoking feelings of distraught. Lead singer Sandra Arslanian’s serene vocals kick off the first verse, seeking guidance from an entity of kin as she states, “Mother, where do we go from here? I need your guidance, help me feel.” The song conveys a state of utter desolation, and perplexity to shed light on the importance of unity and guidance.

The melancholic ballad is accompanied by a music video which was shot, directed and edited by Iraqi filmmaker Lujain Jo, who’s worked with copious renowned artists like ‘Khansa’, and ‘Michael De Prince’.  This new release is widely available for streaming across all streaming platforms.