Palestine-based label BLTNM’s latest trinity, R3D, are synonymous with soulful vocals that blend effortlessly over minimal drum programming, Arab orchestral riffs, and eerie synths soaring over their beats. The band consists of Shabjdeed, Daboor and Ramadan has recently debuted a music video for their track ‘Bi Balash’, serving as promotional material for their self-titled EP.

'Bi Balash' is a drill type track, transmitting surges of high energy with intelligent drum programming evoking the listeners' engagement, and ultimately venturing in a state of dancing unity. However, the track itself is a satirical piece that sheds light on what’s currently happening in Palestine. The music video starts with the rappers pouring gasoline on what seems to be a kiosk, with an aggressive bassline cascading underneath sharp percussion.

In order to tune into the realm of R3D, you need to stream their music on all major streaming platforms. As for the music video, it is now available on BLTNM’s Youtube channel.