Electro-dabke band, 47Soul, burst back into listener’s ears this month with the first track from their upcoming album, Semitics. ‘Dakbke System’ was an infectious, unrelentingly high-energy track that was touted as being ‘dedicated to all dabke dancers around the world’ - and the video follows suit.

It’s a fittingly vibrant music video that features a huge group of dancers dancing Dabke in unison and takes place against the background of an empty warehouse. It exudes a super charged energy in a way that truly celebrates the traditional Levantine dance and, in typical 47Soul fashion, combines elements of east and west with several of the dancers breakdancing. Providing a quirky touch are the range of birds and animals making a cameo in the video, with an accompanying message at the end of the video reassuring viewers that no animals were harmed in its making. 

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